Plumbing Safety Tips....for your pets!

-Keep toilet lids closedCleaners/chemicals used to keep toilets clean can harm your pets.

-Keep pets away from standing water - Do not allow your pets to drink water from sinks/tubs that are backed up. Take extra precaution if you have used any drain chemicals/cleaners.

-Keep pets away from an overflowing sewer - Clean outs can overflow in your yard. Do not let your pets near the sewage (i.e. do not step in, or drink from).

-Keep cabinet doors closedLeftover chemicals may be on piping materials which can get on pets. When the pet grooms itself they will be ingesting the chemicals.

-Cover/cap all cleanoutsSmall pets can fall into an open cleanout! Large pets can step into the open cleanout and severely injure their legs.

Here are a few extra pet related tips that affect your home...

-Do not place your cat box in the tubCat litter that falls out of the box can fall into the drain. The cat litter will expand and clog your drain.

-Do not put dry pet foods down your disposal - Dry pet food can expand and clog your drain.

-Do not flush cat litter down the toilet - There is no such thing as flushable cat litter. It will expand and clog your drain.

-Cover/cap all cleanouts - Playful pets can drop toys into an open cleanout which will instantly create a main sewer stoppage

We will try to post more tips as we come across them. If you have any good ideas or tips that you would like to share, please let us know by e-mailing us!

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