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Frequentley Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Q - I hear a faint sound of running water (hissing) in my home and my water bill has jumped up recently, what should I do?

A - It is highly likely that you are experiencing a "Slab Leak" which is a pinhole leak in your water piping underneath your foundation. Have a plan ready to shut off your main water supply to the home in case water comes through the slab.  Give us a call to schedule for a Leak Detection.

Q - Do I need to disconnect my garden hose before winter?

A - Yes. Detaching garden hoses will allow water inside of the faucet to drain out. If not, the water inside the faucet will remain and will be subjected to freezing. If it freezes, there is no room for the water to expand and it will burst the faucet. Following up with a faucet cover is highly recommended, as it is an extra measure to protect any water inside the faucet that may not have drained out from freezing and possibly bursting the faucet.

Q - Every time I use the outside faucet, it has low water pressure and water comes from the wall inside my house, why?

A - Your outside faucet more than likely has burst due to freezing. Do not continue use of this faucet. Give us a call to schedule for a faucet replacement

Q - How do I turn off the water to the house?

A - On some houses, there is a shutoff valve located in a closet or under a bathroom sink in the cabinet and occasionally under a kitchen sink...these are the most common, all houses are different. There are two styles of shutoff valve, a ball valve (lever style handle) and a gate valve (round handle). If you find a gate valve (round handle), we advise you do not attempt to turn it as they are notorious for breaking internally. If none of these apply, or if they do not turn off, or appear that they may break, then locate your water meter and turn off the water there. For well water customers, locate your pressure tank and on the piping at the bottom of the pressure tank there should be a valve of the same design nearby, either ball style (lever handle) or gate (round handle). If the valves are not available or in poor condition, locate the power source for the well (usually a marked breaker in your electrical breaker box) and turn off the power to the well.

Q - My toilets wont flush, the plunger doesn't help and there is dark colored water water in my bathtub, what's going on?

A - More than likely you are experiencing a main sewer stoppage, give us a call and we can clear the stoppage.

Q - My water heater makes a "popping" or "grumbling" noise occasionally, should I be concerned? 

A - Yes and No. You have hard water deposits that have settled in the bottom of the tank. When heat is applied, it makes those deposits dislodge which makes an audible sound. That does not mean your water heater is broken, but it does indicate that the lifespan has been decreased. The capacity and efficiency of the tank are now compromised as well. A tank failure will be likely in the near future, unfortunately. Give us a call for a free in-home estimate to replace your water heater.

Q - I have tried to re-light the pilot on my water heater, but it wont stay lit. What should I do?

A - Sounds like the water heater burner system needs repair. Do not attempt to repair the burner system yourself as it is highly dangerous to an un-trained individual. Give us a call so one of our highly trained technicians can safely repair the water heater.

Q - Every time I use my washing machine, water backs up from the drain in the wall, what's wrong?

A - It appears the washer drain may have a stoppage, give us a call and we can clear the stoppage.

Q - I have good water pressure at all other sink faucets, but one has low pressure, what's wrong?

A - Remove the aerator (see manufacturers instructions for location and removal), inspect, clean any debris and put it back together. If this does not solve the problem, call us for service as the problem may be severe.

Q - My garbage disposal makes a "humming" sound but doesn't move, what's wrong with it?

A - The disposal is jammed internally. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO DISLODGE ANYTHING IN THE DISPOSAL BY HAND!! THIS IS HIGHLY DANGEROUS!! There is a hole on the bottom of the disposal, in the center, that accepts an hex style key. After turning off power to the appliance, try to work the key back and forth until it spins freely. If this does not work, give us a call for service.

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