*Military - TPC supports our troops and their families. Having several family members currently active duty and retired in all branches of our military, we understand the dynamics of a military family. That is why TPC would like to show our appreciation for our military and their families. We are offering a 10% discount to all customers that are retired military and active duty, with proper identification.

*Seniors - With the cost of living increasing, TPC-The Plumbing Company, LLC understands that most senior citizens are on a fixed income. We would like to extend a 10% discount to all senior citizens 65 and older, with proper identification.

*Teachers - At TPC we understand that education is vital. Without education our community cannot advance. Our educators spend countless hours teaching our children so that they may have a better future. We would like to give back to our educators and say "Thank You", by offering a 10% discount to all our customers that are principals, teachers, and professors with proper identification.

*Police/Firefighter/EMT - Last but not least TPC would like to support our local law enforcement, fire department, and emergency medical technicians. Every day we rely on them to ensure that our community is safe for everyone to enjoy. We would like to give back to the men and women that keep our community safe by offering a 10% discount to all our customers that are police officers, firefighters, and E.M.T.’s, with proper identification.

**All Special pricing/discounts/offers cannot be combined with any others.

**Maximum Discount available $150.00

Thank You for your service and support!!


The Plumbing Company understands  that "every penny counts".

To ensure that our customers are getting "every penny", we inform our customers of the latest rebates!

Here are the latest rebates that we have found. Be sure to check with your utility provider and tax preparer for the most up-to-date information.

-Oklahoma Natural Gas - Currently ONG is offering rebates for Tankless Water Heaters, High Efficiency Water Heaters, Clothes Dryers, Ranges/Cooktops HVAC systems and much more! Contact Oklahoma Natural Gas for the latest info.

-Oklahoma Propane Gas Association - Are you a propane customer? If so, you may be able to apply for a rebate as well! Check with your local propane supplier!

-Energy Star - The Energy Star site has a long list of home upgrades that may end up paying you back with a tax credit! Thinking of building a new home? You may want to check out the information on the Energy Star "New Homes" program!

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TPC offers a 10% Discount to Teachers